Born: 30 April 1997 (age 24)

Nationality: Indian

Occupation: Entrepreneur, Producer, Factchecker

Awards: The Real Super Hero Awards 2020


Junjaram Thory is Youngest Digital Entrepreneur, News Personality, PR Expert and Factchecker. He is CEO of Sangri Internet Private Limited, Chairman of Sangri Network Group and Founder & Editor in Chief of Sangri Today.

Early Life

He was born on 30 April, 1997 in Vediya, Chitalwana, Jalore District in Rajasthan to Jaat Family.


After completing higher secondary school, he moved to Jaipur in 2014 for college education in B.Tech from Arya College in Electrical Engineering. with study also join print media Aapno Gramin Rajasthan Weekly Newspaper in 2016. After complete B.Tech in 2018 he started own company Sangri Internet Private Limited and Epaper Marudhar Bharti as Deputy Editor. In 2019 resign from Marudhar Bharti and start Sangri Times news portal and weekly epaper.Also start various venture of Sangri Network like Sangri Technologies, Sangri Telefilms, Sangri Express, Sangri Buzz, Talk Pedia and Sangri Digital.

Notable Work

For stop fake news on social media platform he started Sangri Fact Check portal and presently also support digital strike on china by central government. Also Recently He started free music distribution service for Independent Artist/Singer/Lyricist

Social Media

Facebook: @junjaram.thory
Instagram: @junjaram.thory
Twitter: @junjaramthory
LinkedIn: Junjaram Thory
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